What is Bauwave?

Bauwave is the brainchild of Justin Roche – an Osteopath, strength & conditioning coach, nutritionist, and life coach.

While building my business over an 18-year period I began to see a need for a software tool that saves time, eliminates paperwork, takes advantage of the latest technology, and incorporates scientific principles. I created Bauwave to meet this need. Essentially I required a software that would enable me to design workouts and build training phases in minutes, access all the exercises necessary to cover multiple sports and lifestyles, manage them with multiple clients, and give the clients the ability to see detailed videos of the exercises. I also knew that there are many people who need expertise, but not all of them can afford it.

During an intense 3 year period I was training over 100 athletes involved in various sports, managing the personal training department of a busy gym, and also seeing roughly 20 clients a week. As a result of juggling my professional obligations I realized that I needed to do something to allow me to adapt to my heavy workload.

The solution, “A Software” that would suit my needs. After doing a thorough search of what was available and failing to find an optimal solution, I decided to build Bauwave! Because after all, “how hard can it be?”, ” Computers can do anything!” So after 4 years of very hard work, I arrived at the start of the Bauwave vision. An end to end solution to workout design and client management. And this is just the beginning, the features that we are currently working on will not only blow your mind, they will blow the minds of your clients and allow you the freedom to expand your business without having to sacrifice your time, principles or the quality of your service.

Who Is Justin Roche?10-img-c50821d5044ca5459152f2da67443408

Over the last 18 years I have become an expert in the areas of Osteopathic medicine, sports science, rehabilitation & corrective exercise, functional training, high performance training, strength & conditioning, nutrition, functional medicine, hormonal profiles, metabolic and digestive conditions. I have trained Olympic medalists, world champions, national and provincial champions, professional athletes, and national teams. I have successfully built high performance bodies, rehabilitated, rebuilt and retrained broken, damaged or dysfunctional bodies and mass produced functional bodies.

Work Experience

I have held the following coaching positions: head strength and conditioning coach for the University of Toronto track & field team (2006-2009); strength and conditioning coach for the U of T men’s varsity volleyball program (2007-2008); strength and conditioning specialist for the Canadian Sports Science Centres provincial and national track & field programs (2007-2009); strength and conditioning coach for the men’s Canadian national basketball team (2008–2010); strength and conditioning coach for the men’s and women’s Ontario provincial volleyball and basketball programs (2007-2010); and strength and conditioning coach for the men’s Canadian national squash team. I managed the personal training department at one of Toronto’s most exclusive downtown gyms. I have managed my private business, Professional Health & Performance Coaching, for 7 years and in the last 4 years I built a software company, Bauwave, combining all my experience, expertise and knowledge.


  • 1996 – 2001. Osteopathy. Irish College of Classical Osteopathy.
  • Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation. CHEK Institute (CHEK II).
  • 2006 – 2008. High Performance Athletics & Exercise Science (NCCP 4).
  • Strength & Conditioning under Charles Poliquin (PICP 4 Standard).
  • Olympic Weightlifting under Pierre Roy (NCCP 3).
  • Long-Term Planning of Training under Tudor Bompa (P-SCE).
  • Functional Medicine under Dr. Dan Kalish.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. CHEK Institute (HLC II).
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN).
  • Metabolic Typing (CMTA).