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24 Best Superfoods

Lately it seems that the global population is becoming more and more interested in nutrition related issues.  People are finally seeking information and educating themselves on health and nutrition and not relying on governments and big business to dictate what they should be eating.  We at BauWave could not be happier about this, but we […]

Long Lean Hamstrings

The hamstrings are one of the biggest muscle groups in your body, yet they frequently are overshadowed by the quadriceps and overlooked.  This is unfortunate because they arguably more important than the quads with regards to athletics, and forgetting to work out your hamstring can lead to chronic injury. The hamstrings are the antagonist muscle […]

The Health Benefits of Fermentation

Most people are aware that alcohol is a product of fermentation, but often their knowledge of the fermentation process stops there.  What a great majority of people don’t realize is how many foods we eat every day that are fermented from other common foods, how the fermentation process occurs or how many health benefits eating […]

Pesticides Found On Organic Strawberries

When you buy organic produce I’m sure you think you’re paying for a healthier product free of GMOs, and pesticides.  Well, think again.  We’ve already discussed how produce labeled “organic” isn’t always free of GMOs, but apparently most organic strawberry patches in California are also fumigated with millions of pounds of pesticides every year.How do […]

On Today’s Menu: Wood

Yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking.  You may in fact be eating wood on a daily basis and have no idea you’re doing it.  It turns out that a sawdust like material commonly known as cellulose is used as a fiber-boosting filler in many common foods. This wood cellulose, also found on labels written as […]