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On Today’s Menu: Wood

Yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking.  You may in fact be eating wood on a daily basis and have no idea you’re doing it.  It turns out that a sawdust like material commonly known as cellulose is used as a fiber-boosting filler in many common foods. This wood cellulose, also found on labels written as […]

Fructose: Cancer’s Favorite Food & America’s Favor

Fructose, a sugar naturally found in fruit, has been extracted, concentrated and has become America’s sweetener of choice in many processed foods we consume every day.  Generally found in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, this sweetener contains mercury, a known carcinogen, and may actually feed cancer cells after being metabolized by the liver. In […]

The Sweet Health Benefits Of Honey

When most people think of honey, the image of a delicious, sweet, golden colored treat probably comes to mind.  What would you do if we told you that delicious, sweet honey is actually a health food?  That’s right, honey is incredibly healthy for you.  Those bees really know what they’re doing. How Is Honey Made? […]