Pesticides Found On Organic Strawberries


When you buy organic produce I’m sure you think you’re paying for a healthier product free of GMOs, and pesticides.  Well, think again.  We’ve already discussed how produce labeled
“organic” isn’t always free of GMOs, but apparently most organic strawberry patches in California are also fumigated with millions of pounds of pesticides every year.20-originalHow do they get away with it?  The problem seems to stem from an inconsistency in the definition of organic produce.  According to the definition, in order for something to be labeled as organic, only the produce itself needs to be pesticide-free, which means that the fruit’s plant can be sprayed with harmful chemicals before it begins bearing fruit.  Unfortunately, this also means that a lot of people who are extremely careful not to consume these dangerous chemicals by purchasing only organic produce, are most likely consuming some of them anyways.We do understand that having the fruit sprayed with chemicals is far more harmful than the plant that bears it; the amount of chemicals transferred from the sprayed plant to the surface of the unsprayed fruit is probably miniscule, but that’s not the point.  This situation highlights the fact that these organic food companies care more about meeting legal guidelines than they do about producing a truly organic and truly healthy product.  Going organic is just another revenue stream for them.

It’s sad, but this is the state of our food industry.  We all must do our research, and choose to purchase food from producers and growers that we trust.  Buy local, get to know the people growing your food, and close the gap between the people who eat the food and the people/places involved in growing it.

Happy eating!

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