Justin’s Areas of Specialization

Health & Wellness

Justin specializes in functional fitness and the implementation of sustainable nutrition and lifestyle practices. Justin combines his clinical skills as an Osteopath with his knowledge of exercise, functional medicine and nutrition to create exercise and nutrition programs according to an individual’s specific needs. Justin also has experience working with people who have specific medical concerns/diagnoses and is able to create exercise and/or nutritional programs to compliment one’s current health care needs.

Body Composition

Justin has 18 years experience in creating functional training and nutrition plans to help people achieve their ideal body composition. Justin uses his experience and knowledge to find out what will work and how to make any program fit an individual’s needs.

High Performance Strength & Conditioning

Justin continues to work with some of Canada’s top athletes to help them achieve their goals at the international, amateur and professional level. Justin completed his NCCP Level 4 training with the National Coaching Institute in Athletics (Track & Field). His reason for choosing athletics was that he would have the opportunity to work specifically with athletes who specialize in the disciplines of running, jumping and throwing; these are considered core abilities in every amateur or professional sport. This is one of the reasons Justin has been so successful when working to enhance the performance of a variety of athletes competing in a broad range of sports.

Pre & Post Operative Care

Justin’s 18 years experience has allowed him to become very successful in dealing with pre and post-operative care. Preparing for an operation can be just as important as the post-operative rehabilitation. Justin has worked with many amateur and professional athletes who have had to prepare for or recover from orthopaedic operations.

Please contact Justin if you wish to arrange an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you