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What’s Best for Fat Loss: Intervals, Steady-state Cardio, or Weights?

There are scores of articles in fitness magazines and on the Internet covering the subject of fat loss. Specifically, people want to know what the most efficient method of exercise is to eliminate fat. For years, fitness professionals trumpeted the benefits of performing aerobic exercise in the “Fat Loss Zone,” usually 60-70% of an individual’s […]

Corporate Executives VS Elite Athletes

Chances are that if you were to place a high-powered corporate executive and a high-performance elite athlete in a room together, you would find that they probably have a few things in common. In each case, certain personality and character traits have allowed them to ascend to accomplished positions in their respective fields. Without a […]

Long Lean Hamstrings

The hamstrings are one of the biggest muscle groups in your body, yet they frequently are overshadowed by the quadriceps and overlooked.  This is unfortunate because they arguably more important than the quads with regards to athletics, and forgetting to work out your hamstring can lead to chronic injury. The hamstrings are the antagonist muscle […]