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Dairy: Should You Consume It?

Milk and dairy products are a staple of the typical Western diet. From childhood through adulthood, we are told that milk is nutritious (ex. high potassium content) and helps to keep our bones strong (ex. high calcium content). However, in many Asian countries, milk and dairy does not form a major part of the typical […]

24 Best Superfoods

Lately it seems that the global population is becoming more and more interested in nutrition related issues.  People are finally seeking information and educating themselves on health and nutrition and not relying on governments and big business to dictate what they should be eating.  We at BauWave could not be happier about this, but we […]

The Health Benefits of Fermentation

Most people are aware that alcohol is a product of fermentation, but often their knowledge of the fermentation process stops there.  What a great majority of people don’t realize is how many foods we eat every day that are fermented from other common foods, how the fermentation process occurs or how many health benefits eating […]

A Vicious Circle: Antibiotics Destroy Gut

It has been known for a long time that antibiotic use not only kills targeted infections, but also leads to the development of drug resistant super-bugs and also permanently kills good bacteria, such as that in your gut.  However, evidence from a study in the popular journal Nature indicates that, the process of permanently killing […]